Laura is a British contemporary artist whose roots derive from a mixture of contemporary and abstract art, combining both styles. Her work is best characterised by bold layering of vibrant colours and textures. Working with mixed media and a palette knife to manipulate colours, she creates work that is intuitive and expressive as she draws inspiration from the world around her.

Laura works on a commission basis, creating one of a kind individual paintings and she creates her own personal collection of paintings, exploring many different subjects such as landscapes, nature & animals.

Laura studied Art and Design at college before achieving a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art at Birmingham University. Art has always been a part of her life; "it’s my passion and what fuels my imagination".

Laura has recently settled near the Gwent Levels along the northern coastline of the Severn Estuary. The low horizon, flat landscape, and big skies (often enhanced by dramatic cloudscapes, sunrises and sunsets) give the levels a unique ethereal quality which is present in her landscape paintings. 

"I live within a site of Special Scientific Interest; I am surrounded by the beauty of nature on a daily basis which has had a profound effect on my thought process and my imagination. I use photography and sketchbooks to record the landscapes or observations about the environment and use these observations to explore colour, composition and mark making to create different textures. Using different tools makes the work sporadic at times and often reveals new and exciting outcomes." 

Laura's style is not realistic, it is about feeling and emotions and evoking these senses. It is about self-expression and imagination. Laura has a deep fascination with colour and loves the emotional impact colour has on people. Laura's desire is to create art that provides the ability to uplift and connect with the viewer through its spirited and vibrant colour palette.

“Once I start, I get completely lost in the work; everything about it consumes me. I wonder where I am going to place the palette knife and which colour to use and how to express my thoughts and ideas. I want the viewers eyes to dance around the painting and explore the textures, colours and depth nature has to offer. I want to viewer to lose themselves, for I believe escaping to another world through art, even for a couple of seconds, is good for the soul”.

Open to commissions and collaborations for private, commercial and public art.